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  Filters include (Char/Numeric/Date) Fields. Test report with date filter below

Database Column Name Desciption                      Date Filters Can Tie To Current Date

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Start Date=======> mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss End Date=========> mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss


Bizness Inc are the Designers of BizSAS (E-Commerce System for shopping cart buying of your products on the internet). This E-Commerce system gives the internet viewer your product and image information allowing them to make credit card (or regular) purchases and see the status of each order through HTML reports that are support on browsers and pocket PCs. BizSAS also comes with a private admininstration system just for you to set sales tax rates, auto-calculate shipping charges by weight, set courier selections, add product pricing and specs, set volume discounts, coupons, QuickBooks or XML formats to export to external accounting systems and a whole host of other features.

Bizness Inc designs world class international systems for the web. Bizness Inc systems are superior in that they have a reporting engine that writes standard HTML for support on browsers world wide without the need for Adobe. Bizness Inc reports resize to fit into any screen. Bizness Inc also designs its web software for Mobile devices so that these same reports can be viewed in windows mobile devices.

Bizness Inc are the Designers of other Web Applications like Web Donation Management Systems, Web Invoicing Systems and BIZRAS (Bizness Inc's International Web Report Administration System) which allows up you to show selected data from your databases in web reports without any report writing. BizRAS reports are support on browsers world wide as well as Pocket PCs with Windows Mobile. Bizness Inc adds Mega Security into all our systems including: web security through SSL, custom password encryption, application session protection and intruder prevention systems on the servers, and E-Merchant vendors like PayPal are used for credit card authorization!



Bizness Inc white labels all it sofware(makes it like your own corporate application)  meaning the following benefits to you:

1)  All screens and menu buttons can be your corporate colors.  You also choose the font size of screens at set up time.

2)   Your corporate logo is added to the top of each screen and report

3)   Your corporate caption can be added as a footer to all screens and updated in the Admin system at any time

4)   Help can be customized at any time with your additions since it is stored in the database

5)   System Generated Emails can be customized at any time with your additions since they are stored in the database

Company Profile

Bizness Inc. was incorporated in 1994 and has an office in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and in Ontario, Canada. Head office is in Atlanta and its mailing address is at the bottom of this page. The Canadian office is located 1/2 an hour outside of Toronto, Ontario in Burlington.


Bizness Inc Contact Information

Contact us via email by clicking on the links on the bottom of this page or call us at the 800 number below:

US Office
Canadian Office
Head Office Mailing Address
PO Box 20437, Atlanta, GA, 30325, USA 
Electronic Mail
General Information: info@biznesstechnologies.com

Sales Information: sales@biznesstechnologies.com

Customer Support: support@biznesstechnologies.com

Bizness Inc. Copyright 1994 - Present  BIZRAS Bizness Inc.'s International Web Report Administration System. All Rights Reserved.